Who is Abijah Nwakanma?

Hi there! I’m Abijah Nwakanma, a freelance multi-faceted curator and creator based in the East Coast. Welcome to my world!

Blending a passion for design, fashion and travel, I fuse these creative leanings with an effortless élan that is democratic yet defies mimicry. My brand offers a singular view of beauty and exploration, with above passions each serving as an entry point to weave the wanderlust, the elegant, and the memorable.

” There is a gracious kind of subtlety about a woman who has seen the voids and fullness of the world. This calm, collected seeing embodies Abijah Nwakanma and her eponymous creative agency. “

Always looking beyond what the eye can see, and reaching more for what the heart can feel, I consider the emotive and cultural qualities of life through an authentic, relational perspective where the art of image making is imbued with a warm, honest, and deeply personal beauty.

I am very passionate about creating an environment where an African youths’ style and innovative fashion is celebrated and helping young women appreciate their beauty and their self through my daily content.
With that, I decided to create a platform that further articulated my passions for beauty, lifestyle, and digital design through this blog.

Toronto, Canada